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Less fretting

What if that presentation doesn’t go well? What if I make the wrong choice in my career? What if the doctor comes with bad news? Do you ever lie awake with your thoughts spinning in your head like an endless carousel of worries? Very frustrating isn’t it? We all know that feeling. Whether you struggle with that constant uncertainty about your career, changes in your life that keep you from sleeping, or just a gnawing anxiety that sucks your energy away – we understand and recognize it. Do you want to fret less? In this blog, I’ll give you eight powerful tips.

Why do we worry?

Let’s look at why we worry and fret. In earlier times, our ancestors used worry as a means of preparing for and surviving in times of danger. Today, brooding is often triggered by everyday stressors, such as work, relationships, health or finances.

It is not a pleasant experience to fret. It keeps you awake when you want to sleep, it brings anxiety, fear, stress and vulnerability. If you mull a lot, you are putting a lot of energy into a process that not only doesn’t achieve anything, but also makes you unhappier! Here are eight effective tips that can help you break this pattern.

1. Mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are effective ways to calm your thoughts and get back into the “now. They teach you to become aware of your thoughts without getting caught up in them.

Here is a very fine mindfulness exercise for you to use:

2. Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is a simple technique to reduce tension you experience from fretting. It oxygenates your body and reduces the stress response. So, do you catch yourself fretting? Hoppa, interrupt it with a delightful inhalation through your nose for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for about 7 seconds, andnnnn then exhale leisurely through your mouth in 8 seconds. Helps really great!

3. Self-compassion

Be kind and understanding to yourself. Often we are much more strict with ourselves than with others. Remind yourself that it’s okay to be human and make mistakes! Self-compassion opens the door to self-acceptance and helps you let go of perfectionism. Give yourself permission to grow, learn and, above all, be human.💙

4. Write off your thoughts

Put your thoughts on paper as if you were having a quiet conversation with yourself. By writing down your concerns, you give your brain the reassurance that your problems are not forgotten. It’s like turning off the “repeat” button and organizing your thoughts. Writing not only helps you gain clarity about what is bothering you, but it also gives you a sense of control. It is a powerful tool to break through the negative thoughts and make room for more positivity. So, the next time you find yourself caught in a mulling cycle, grab a pen and paper and release your thoughts. You will be surprised how this simple action can help you regain control.

5. Realize that you cannot predict the future

Realize that the future is flexible, even if your brain leads you to believe otherwise. Regardless of how convinced you are of a particular outcome, remind yourself that reality often turns out differently. This awareness can help you let go and be open to unexpected changes in the future. So, when you see yourself already drifting into a scenario that has not yet taken place, give yourself a gentle reminder: the future is full of surprises, and that’s okay!

6. Start a “mulling hour”

Reserve a specific time in the day to reflect on your concerns. Call it your “mulling hour. Of course, this can also just be fifteen minutes lol, which then becomes the “brooding quarter. When worries arise outside of this moment, tell yourself that you are saving them for your scheduled mulling hour. This helps control thoughts.

7. Take back control!

Instead of dwelling on what bothers you, take a concrete step toward a solution. Taking action, no matter how small, gives you back a sense of control. Once you have written down your concerns, look at what steps you can take to improve the situation. Actively working toward a solution not only reduces fretting, but it also brings a sense of strength and self-direction. Remember, even the smallest step is a step forward.💪

8. Walk and imagine

Go for a walk and imagine that each step removes a worry. As you walk, visualize yourself literally moving away from your worries. The combination of movement and imagination can bring peace 🙏.

In the jumble of thoughts and worries that life sometimes brings, it is crucial to remember that you are the director of your own story. These tips are the first steps on the path to less fretting and more happiness. Every moment of self-compassion, every conscious breath and every written thought is a building block for a more resilient life. So, embrace the power of the now. You are in control! 🌟

I give you the power and tools to move forward!

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