Stress & burnout coach

Discover how I can help you as a coach to manage your stress and build resilience. So that, like many who have gone before you, you can regain that fine peace of mind and enjoy everything life gives you!


Symptoms of high stress


  • Concentration problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Thinking less clearly
  • Forgetful
  • Not having an overview
  • Not being able to read or having difficulty reading
  • Irritable, dissatisfied
  • Rapid mood swings
  • Nervous, tense
  • Indifferent


  • Sleeping badly
  • Worrying, full head
  • Avoiding social contacts
  • Unable to let go of the work
  • Excessive use of coffee, alcohol or nicotine
  • Not eating or eating poorly (too sweet/fatty)
  • Not taking moments of rest
  • Denying the severity of symptoms


  • Low energy
  • Hyperventilation
  • Pressure on chest
  • Headache
  • Stomach Pain
  • Intestinal complaints
  • Muscle pain in neck, shoulder or back
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

What is stress & burnout coaching?

Stress is a natural and normal response of the body to challenging situations. It activates our “fight-or-flight” response and helps us respond appropriately to threatening or demanding circumstances. So a certain amount of stress is actually necessary and can even have positive effects, such as increasing alertness and performance. Great, for that presentation you have to give, or for that driving test!

However, when stress becomes chronic, overwhelming or ignored (unhealthy stress) it can be detrimental to our physical, emotional and mental health. Unhealthy stress can be understood as the result of an imbalance between strain and recovery. It doesn’t matter whether that strain is mental or physical; what matters is that there is insufficient recovery.

So while a certain amount of stress can stimulate us and increase our performance, it is essential to understand the line between healthy and unhealthy stress. I understand that this boundary is different for everyone and that sometimes it can be difficult to keep the balance. That is why I offer a personalized approach to stress and burnout coaching.

In a journey, we take everything that is causing you this stress by the scruff of the neck. My coaching is always customized (also possibility for online coaching if you live a little further away) and in it I follow a framework based on the following 4 main pillars/themes.

What are we going to do?


Check-in & source research

How does your stress arise? What feelings do you experience and in what situations? This stage helps you identify and understand your stress signals. Together we dig deeper to discover the specific sources of stress in your life. By checking in with your emotions and researching the causes, we lay the foundation for an effective approach to address your stress and build resilience.

Lifestyle routines, the basics

Discover how to incorporate essential building blocks of a healthy lifestyle: sleep, nutrition and exercise. Understand how these pillars are directly related to stress and well-being. Together we work to best incorporate these foundations into your life to increase your resilience and manage stress more effectively.

Breaking thought patterns

Discover how to break stuck thought patterns that can reinforce stress and negative emotions. Together we explore effective techniques to recognize, restructure and develop positive perspectives on your thinking, leading to greater inner peace and resilience in daily life.

Tools & Strategies

Delve into a range of practical tools and strategies to effectively manage stress. From breathing exercises and time-management techniques to mindfulness and self-care habits, we equip you with a toolbox full of valuable resources to increase resilience and reduce stress in all kinds of situations.

Time to start working together!

And enjoy again, in your full (spring) power of everything around you. I also offer online coaching. I would love to help you!

Your coach

About Karianne

Hi! I am Karianne Punt, coach, trainer and founder of Beacon of Balance. The basis for the work I do is my love of people and behavior. I don’t think in boxes but rather out of the box and that’s how my training and coaching is: approachable and without judgment. With 14+ years of experience at KLM, I have trained thousands of people and can say that training and coaching is in my blood. So I did this in different layers and settings within the company. I have conducted trainings on communication techniques, stress management, team building and coached for issues such as insecurity and stress.

My background in psychology and my coaching training at The Dutch Academy of Psychology have given me a solid foundation. In addition, I learned a lot through internal training as a trainer at KLM. I value a positive and relaxed atmosphere. And… there must also be room for humor and fun! My open and accessible approach makes my clients feel at ease and motivated to grow.

You have peace of mind again

You communicate your boundaries effectively

You can handle stress and emotions better

You get up more energized again, without that tense feeling!


32 years

I started my coaching process with Karianne with the goal of creating more peace and balance, being more positive in life and being nicer to myself. Karianne held up a mirror to me in a pleasant and humorous way. She listens, asks the right questions and gives fine assignments as homework. I now have an overview of my core values that I can fall back on every time I have a difficult choice to make. Because of Karianne’s coaching, I can now let go more and trust myself, my own intuition and power more. We have a toolbox filled with things that make me happy. One that I can pull open when I need to.


37 years

I came to Beacon of Balance because I was looking for more balance and peace in my life. During the fine conversations and assignments, I gained more insight into what gives me peace. I got tools to move forward in a positive way. Have found a better balance and through the fine conversations I have gained more self-confidence.

Eva Hekman

29 years

Karianne is a good coach and a very warm person! During the sessions, she puts you at ease, listens attentively and asks critical questions. She also knows how to ask questions at the right times, in order to go deeper into some topics.
She creates a nice balance between conversations, practical assignments that offer you insights, and exercises and tools you can work with outside the coaching sessions.
I also liked that her way of coaching is very flexible. Whether you prefer online sessions, on-site sessions or a hybrid form, it’s mostly about what is convenient for you and what is most convenient for you.
Coaching with Karianne is definitely recommended!


33 years

Because Karianne is such a good listener, she can quickly get you to see the common thread, of what your areas of concern are and where your pitfalls lie. With humor and patience, she guided me in my development process. I would recommend her at all times!


41 years

I learned a lot from my conversations with Karianne . Her professional, structured yet empathetic approach suited me well. The conversations with her gave me insight into my own limiting thoughts and helped me listen to my heart better. With concrete actions and assignments that resulted from the sessions, I addressed and rearranged certain aspects of my life in terms of work, family and social activities. And that feels really good. More people should do that. I am sure I will go back to her if I get stuck again!


31 years

“My biggest goals to achieve were gaining more self-confidence, being able to ask for help from loved ones and turning negative thoughts into the positive/real. All of these goals have either been achieved or I have now learned ways how to deal with them.Through the sharp questions, sincere compliments, own experiences she shared, original assignments and space to share, Karianne made sure I took these steps.One thing I am going to do differently is to keep writing and using the assignments/tools I learned. I did it all myself but thanks to Karianne I didn’t have to do it alone. This has made me stronger and wiser about myself and happier at this stage of my life!”

Luca Stradmann

I spent some sessions working closely with Karianne on my coaching goal, she is a great listener and helped me formulate the thoughts to create a good plan to reach my goal. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a thoughtful helpful coach to help you achieve your goal!

Felicidade Luzolo, HR manager

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Amsterdam

Karianne has conducted two training sessions within our company on stress management. The way she had delivered the training was very pleasant. She let us talk a lot which made the atmosphere very relaxed. In between the 2 trainings we received the online training Grip op Werkstress and with that we were able to get started with her tips. It’s a helpful training with lots of tools.

Time to start working together!

And enjoy again, in full power, of everything around you. I would love to help you! What to expect:

  1. You leave your details
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive a personal message from me, via phone or email.
  3. We’ll set a date together for our introductory meeting (free).
  4. Based on that, we create your unique coaching program.
  5. Together, we work to build resilience and calm your mind.
  6. Step into the future full of renewed vigor and energy!