Take control of your own happiness and emotions.

Beacon of Balance stands for: down-to-earth coaching with passion, positivity, humor, and a high dose of empathy.

Focus on your talents and strengths

My coaching is warm, approachable, empathetic and enthusiastic

Promotion of self-confidence, self-esteem and personal power.

1-on-1 coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress and struggling to find balance in your life? Are you insecure about your next career move and want to get more satisfaction from your work? Do you struggle with all the balls you have to keep up and want more peace? Or maybe you are just looking for a clearer life path and want to discover all that you have within you?

I’m Karianne and I’m going to help you address the challenges that are hindering your growth and success. I believe real change starts with your intrinsic motivation to grow and change. So I’m not here to tell you what to do, but to inspire, challenge and support you as you find your own answers. I work from an integrative approach. That means you are the starting point rather than my method. I use Voice Dialogue, Positive Psychology, RET, Transactional Analysis and visualizations, among others. For career coaching, I have several tests at my disposal such as competency test, Disc scan and personality tests.

I provide a confidential and supportive environment in which you can express yourself and gain valuable insights. We will work on identifying your values, setting goals and developing effective strategies to achieve those goals. Do you have very specific questions; something you are constantly running into? These may just be patterns that keep repeating themselves. No worries, nothing strange! I help you gain insight into your own behavior and break these patterns so that you can get a better grip on yourself and your life!


Life and career coaching

Free introductory meeting

  • Introductory meeting, via Zoom or face-to-face
  • Research your desired situation
  • What’s stopping you from getting there now
  • We discuss how a coaching process works
  • The key lies with you, I’ll help you search!

We are about to begin!

  • The first session we make a plan; what is your coaching goal?
  • You are leading in what you want, I am guiding you in this!
  • I ask you (critical) questions and stimulate, so that you yourself come to insights.
  • Sometimes we work with tools such as core value cards, mindfulness exercises, core quadrants.
  • At the end of the session, we come up with an assignment and you then apply your insights in practice.
  • And, of course, we have fun!

What does it bring you?

  • You know what drives you and what your qualities are.
  • You feel more balanced.
  • You have tools that are sustainable.
  • You dare to live the way you want.
  • You have come to the answers to your (coach) questions yourself

It's time to work together!

I give you the power and tools to move forward in life. Learning to listen to yourself, live & work more relaxed and do what makes you happy is what I encourage!


32 years

I started my coaching process with Karianne with the goal of creating more peace and balance, being more positive in life and being nicer to myself. Karianne held up a mirror to me in a pleasant and humorous way. She listens, asks the right questions and gives effective assignments. I now have an overview of my core values that I can fall back on every time I have a difficult choice to make. Because of Karianne’s coaching, I can now let go more and trust myself, my own intuition and power more. We have a toolbox filled with things that make me happy. One that I can pull open when I need to.

Eva Hekman

29 years

Karianne is a good coach and a very warm person! During the sessions, she puts you at ease, listens attentively and asks critical questions. She also knows how to ask questions at the right times, in order to go deeper into some topics.
She creates a nice balance between conversations, practical assignments that offer you insights, and exercises and tools you can work with outside the coaching sessions.
I also liked that her way of coaching is very flexible. Whether you prefer online sessions, on-site sessions or a hybrid form, it’s mostly about what is convenient for you and what is most convenient for you.

Coaching with Karianne is definitely recommended!


31 years

My biggest goals to achieve were gaining more self-confidence, being able to ask for help from loved ones and turning negative thoughts into the positive. All of these goals have either been met or I have now learned ways to deal with them. Through the sharp questions, sincere compliments, own experiences she shared, original assignments and space to share, Karianne made sure I took these steps. One thing I will do differently is continue to write and use the assignments/tools I have learned. I did it all myself but thanks to Karianne, I didn’t have to do it alone. This has made me stronger and wiser about myself and happier at this stage of my life! Karianne is like a warm bath (and if you like lukewarm a lukewarm bath) that I felt comfortable with right away. I noticed that Karianne really enjoys this work and her genuine interest and enthusiasm is very palpable as a result. This made me always feel like doing the sessions myself because we both really wanted me to grow in my goals. Karianne deployed humor, compliments and her own experiences appropriately and at the right times, through this I felt her empathy that did not come from a book. For me, the most appropriate coach I could have wished for. So it also comes from the bottom of my heart that I wish everyone a Karianne in life!


33 years

Because Karianne is such a good listener, she can quickly get you to see the common thread, of what your areas of concern are and where your pitfalls lie. With humor and patience, she guided me in my development process. I would recommend her at all times!


37 years

I came to Beacon of Balance because I was looking for more balance and peace in my life. During the fine conversations and assignments, I gained more insight into what gives me peace. Did I get tools to move forward in a positive way. Have found a better balance and through the fine conversations I have gained more self-confidence.


41 years

I learned a lot from my conversations with Karianne . Her professional, structured yet empathetic approach suited me well. The conversations with her gave me insight into my own limiting thoughts and helped me listen to my heart better. With concrete actions and assignments that resulted from the sessions, I addressed and rearranged certain aspects of my life in terms of work, family and social activities. And that feels really good. More people should do that. I am sure I will go back to her if I get stuck again!

Step Knook

I have had several coaching sessions with Karianne. I came to her at a time when I was stuck in which way to go. Karianne helped me by providing tools and insights and this ultimately led to some major breakthroughs in my career. She takes very much into account who you are and what you need per session. Highly recommended!

Luca Stradmann

I spent some sessions working closely with Karianne on my coaching goal, she is a great listener and helped me formulate the thoughts to create a good plan to reach my goal. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a thoughtful helpful coach to help you achieve your goal!


33 years

Karianne is a very professional, warm, and supportive coach. Through my journey she made me realize new insights about myself and what I need to work on. She helped me more clearly define my personal values and we created a toolbox together with me to use in the future. She is very flexible and fast in communication which is a huge plus.

Really recommend!

3-month coaching program


*Pay in installments possible

This includes:

  • 6 coaching calls of 1 hour duration
  • 1 come back session
  • in-depth workbook (digital, via Trackler)
  • possibility of interim mail contact
  • access to page of bonus materials (exercises, visualizations)

*opportunity to pay in installments

Your coach

About Karianne

Hi! I am Karianne Punt, founder of Beacon of Balance. The basis for the work I do is my love of people and behavior. I don’t think in pigeonholes but rather out of the box and that’s how my coaching is: approachable and without judgment. With 14+ years of experience at KLM, I can say that training and coaching is in my blood.

Several years ago, I changed course and decided to put all the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm I have into my own practice. My background in psychology and my coaching training at The Dutch Academy of Psychology have given me a solid foundation. I am now doing what I love most: helping people gain resilience, balance, and more happiness!

What I often receive as feedback is that I come across as authentic. And … there should also be room for humor and fun! My open and accessible approach makes you feel comfortable and motivated to grow.