Stress management & burnout prevention for businesses

In the Netherlands, as many as 17% of employees experience burnout symptoms, which has enormous costs for both individuals and companies. This is an alarming figure and a clear indication that there is a need to work on stress management and burnout prevention. So download my e-book Stress Management & Burnout Prevention for Business, in which I not only show you why investing in the health and resilience of your organization is essential, but also provide practical tools and handles to get started right away!


Do you recognize this?

Do you recognize the following signs within your organization?

Then it’s time to take stress management and burnout prevention seriously.

Symptoms employees:

  • Constant Fatigue: Employees feel exhausted and find it difficult to recharge.

  • Rising Irritation: More quickly irritated or frustrated, even by small things.
  • Concentration problems: Difficulty focusing attention and completing tasks.

  • Sleep problems: Difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through.

Business Impacts:

  • Reduced Productivity: A decline in employee productivity and effectiveness.
  • Higher Absenteeism Risk: The risk of future sick leave increases if stress levels are left untreated.
  • Decrease in Satisfaction: Employees may become dissatisfied with their work, which reduces their commitment and loyalty.

  • Quality loss: An increase in errors and a decrease in the quality of work due to stress.

6 topics

What to expect.

Recognizing Stress

Discover the signs and importance of early recognition of stress signals to prevent burnout.

Expectations and Workload

Understand why effective management of expectations and workload is essential for a healthy work environment. With 3 practical tips.


Explore the importance of strengthening internal and external resources for resilience and sustainable performance. With concrete tips for effectively integrating these resources into daily life.

Managing relaxation

Learn why managing relaxation is crucial for a balanced and productive work life and get practical tips for doing so.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Simple and effective techniques for mindfulness and meditation to promote mental clarity and stress reduction.

Leadership in Stress Management

Discover the importance of leadership in reducing stress and promoting a healthy work culture and how Beacon of Balance can help you do so.

Download the e-book Stress Management & Burnout Prevention for Businesses

Increase your company’s resilience and help your employees regain their power. Discover practical tools to reduce stress and create a healthy work environment for happy and productive employees!

Your coach and trainer, Karianne

Hello! I am Karianne Punt, founder of Beacon of Balance. As a coach and trainer, I have helped countless professionals get stress under control. With over 14 years of experience at KLM, I have trained thousands of people ranging from communication techniques to stress management and team building. My passion is supporting individuals and organizations in building resilience and overcoming stress. I do this in an accessible and approachable way, focusing on creating a supportive environment.

This e-book is packed with practical tools, proven techniques to create a corporate culture where employees suffer less stress. Together we can transform stress into strength and happiness!

More Work Fun, Less Stress!

Invest in your team and reduce work-related stress. Still have questions? Email me!