From stress to success

Do you often feel overwhelmed by stress and need some peace and balance in your life? Then our “From Stress to Success” Toolkit is just what you need! Includes assignments to get started right away.

Do you recognize this?

If you recognize the following issues there's a good chance you have too much stress and are at risk of burnout.

You are not the only one! In this hectic world, more and more people are experiencing these feelings. Fortunately, something can be done about it before it escalates.

Do you feel:

  • Burned out and tired, and feeling like you can’t really recharge at all?

  • Stressed, by even the smallest things that didn’t stress you out before?

  • Overexcited, and feel like everything and everyone is too much?

  • Powerless because you feel you no longer have a grip on your life?


  • You suffer from headaches, fatigue and muscle pain
  • You sleep badly
  • You struggle to balance work with your family or personal responsibilities
  • You experience tension, stress or panic
  • It feels like you’ve lost control

6 topics

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Understanding stress

Learn about the causes and effects of stress on a physical and emotional level. Understand how stress affects your daily life.

Practical Techniques

Discover proven and easily applicable stress management techniques, including breathing exercises, mindfulness meditations and more.

Relaxation and Balance:

Find inner peace by setting boundaries and learn how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Time Management

Learn effective time-management strategies to organize your day more efficiently and reduce stressful situations.

Thinking patterns under the microscope

You are going to analyze and transform the thoughts and feelings that stress you out. Discover how to challenge and modify your automatic thoughts.


Learn what self-care activities are and why they are so important.

Download the free e-book From Stress to Success

Escape from the hustle and bustle and regain balance. With this toolkit, I teach you 7 ways to better manage stress and how to apply them!

Your online coach, Karianne

Hi! I am Karianne Punt, founder of Beacon of Balance and creator of this e-book. As a coach and trainer, I have helped many clients experiencing high stress. It’s my passion to help people develop resilience and overcome stress. This e-book is full of practical tools to manage stress and live a balanced life. With my background in psychology and coaching, I want to motivate and support you on your unique journey to success. Together, we can transform stress into strength and well-being. Have fun!

Allow yourself peace and happiness again

This is a gift to yourself! Reduce stress and regain balance. Still have questions? Email me!