Training and coaching for you and your team

Custom designed for teams to learn stress-reducing techniques, reduce workloads together, prioritize and create awareness. Give a boost to your work culture!


As the founder of Beacon of Balance, I understand that the health and vitality of your team is critical to the success of your business. My trainings are designed to support organizations in promoting a healthy work culture and preventing burnout.

My approach

  • Proven Success: I have a proven track record of supporting organizations in reducing stress and increasing team performance.
  • Customized for Your Company: My trainings are tailored to the specific needs of your company, resulting in relevant and effective training sessions.
  • Immediately Applicable Tools: My trainings provide practical tools and insights that your team can immediately put into practice.
  • Team Connection and Collaboration: I foster an atmosphere of connection and understanding within your team, leading to a stronger team and better collaboration.

Training options

  • Stress Management & Burnout Prevention: Learn effective ways to manage stress and create a healthy work balance.
  • Mindfulness Workshops: Discover techniques to integrate mindfulness into the work environment.
  • Team booster: Strengthen team performance and mutual cooperation.

My goal is to support and inspire your team to reduce stress, build resilience and increase happiness in the workplace. I look forward to working with you and achieving positive change within your organization!

Beacon of Balance Signature Training

Stress Management


  • You gain insight into your stress triggers
  • Less chance of sick days
  • Recognize and prevent stress signals in time
  • Balancing challenges and relaxation
  • Discover how to work together in a relaxed manner
  • Burnout prevention

What to do

  • We first have a cup of coffee to discuss the situation, wishes and work culture
  • Interactive training: approachable and customized
  • Created based on your needs and situation, this workshop provides the right tools and handles to reduce stress and keep burnout at bay
  • Preventive approach: Prevents dropout and promotes well-being
  • Sustainable development: Divided into multiple sessions for lasting impact
  • Build resilience: Promote team health and performance

What does it bring you?

  • Sustainable changes
  • A relaxed work atmosphere that exudes positivity
  • Greater understanding and harmony among colleagues
  • Practical tools that are always available
  • Reduced stress for a healthier work environment
  • Employees who are comfortable in their own skin
  • Managers who are happier and therefore better leaders!

Download the e-book Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

Discover practical tools to reduce stress and create a healthy work environment.

Individual coaching

In addition to this signature training for teams, among others, I also offer individual coaching for employees and executives. With my personal coaching, I help to effectively manage stress, restore balance and promote professional growth. Whether you need support in improving your stress management skills, achieving a better work-life balance, strengthening your self-confidence, my 1-on-1 coaching is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact me to find out how I can help you in your individual growth journey.

Time to start working together!

Customized workshops and team training. For a closer and more energetic team. And as an employer, you reap the benefits of that!

Your trainer

About Karianne

Hi! I am Karianne Punt, founder of Beacon of Balance. The basis for the work I do is my love of people and behavior. I don’t think in boxes but rather out of the box and that’s how my training and coaching is as well: approachable and without judgment. With 14+ years of experience at KLM, I have trained thousands of people and can say that training and coaching is in my blood. So I did this in different layers and settings within the company. I have provided training on communication techniques, stress management, team building, dealing with resistance/aggression and have coached for complaints such as insecurity and stress.

Several years ago, I changed course and decided to put all the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm I have into my own practice. My background in psychology and my coaching training at The Dutch Academy of Psychology have given me a solid foundation. I also learned a lot through internal training as a trainer at KLM. I am now doing what I love most: helping people and companies gain resilience, balance, and greater happiness.

What I often receive as feedback after a training is that I come across as authentic as a person. My trainings are interactive and I attach great importance to a positive and relaxed atmosphere. There must also be room for humor and fun! My open and accessible approach makes participants feel at ease and motivated to grow.


Affiliated with the NOBCO and NOBTRA

My coaching is warm, approachable, empathetic and enthusiastic

I get the best out of your employees and get them back in balance

Non-sweaty, down-to-earth coaching and training for a better mindset in the workplace

Felicidade Luzolo, HR manager

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Amsterdam

“Karianne conducted two trainings within our company on stress management. The way she had given the training was very pleasant. She let us talk a lot which made the atmosphere very relaxed. In between the two trainings she gave us the online training Grip op Werkstress and we were able to work with her tips. It is a nice training with a lot of tools.”

Eva Hekman

29 years

Karianne is a good coach and a very warm person! During the sessions, she puts you at ease, listens attentively and asks critical questions. She also knows how to ask questions at the right times, in order to go deeper into some topics.
She creates a nice balance between conversations, practical assignments that offer you insights, and exercises and tools you can work with outside the coaching sessions.
I also liked that her way of coaching is very flexible. Whether you prefer online sessions, on-site sessions or a hybrid form, it’s mostly about what is convenient for you and what is most convenient for you.
Coaching with Karianne is definitely recommended!


33 years

Karianne is a very professional, warm, and supportive coach. Through my journey she made me realize new insights about myself and what I need to work on. She helped me more clearly define my personal values and we created a toolbox together with me to use in the future. She is very flexible and fast in communication which is a huge plus.

Really recommend!


33 years

Because Karianne is such a good listener, she can quickly get you to see the common thread, of what your areas of concern are and where your pitfalls lie. With humor and patience, she guided me in my development process. I would recommend her at all times!


31 years

“My biggest goals to achieve were gaining more self-confidence, being able to ask for help from loved ones and turning negative thoughts into the positive/real. All of these goals have either been achieved or I have now learned ways how to deal with them.Through the sharp questions, sincere compliments, own experiences she shared, original assignments and space to share, Karianne made sure I took these steps.One thing I am going to do differently is to keep writing and using the assignments/tools I learned. I did it all myself but thanks to Karianne I didn’t have to do it alone. This has made me stronger and wiser about myself and happier at this stage of my life!”